Mass Effect: Andromeda, and why I probably won’t be buying it

With the release of some gameplay via Origin Access of Andromeda on March 16th the internet was flooded with hustle and bustle about the new addition to the Mass Effect series.

Not directly following on as Commander Shepherd, Andromeda seems to be an attempt for Bioware to want to break away from reusing that character as the main character for a fourth instalment – something which I was excited to hear, admittedly bored of the character – preferring the Dragon Age style of creating new characters that live through a world which feels the impact of your choices in the last game, which also helped to provide some interesting RP decisions for Inquisition (having to choose between my Hawke and Alistair left me SHOOK and upset). However, following the copies that were sent out to reviewers and the general consensus following the Access release I’ve decided to not purchase Andromeda.

Okay, this might be in part because I game on a rather terrible laptop that probably won’t run the game anyway.

However, in this Lyte Byte I’m going to explore the main reason for why I’m not going to get the game.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda, and why I probably won’t be buying it

Pixel Sex?

So! Romance in video games! It ranges from the sweet to the more.. well, less sweet..

Grand Theft Auto V teaching us valuable life lessons – throw money, or leave her be – no touchy touchy! (*)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought maybe I could offer my two cents on romance in video games and what they might offer to a game.

We’ll start with my favourite romance of all time..

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Pixel Sex?

Misconceptions, and the Curious Case of the Gamer

Video gaming since finding its place in popular culture has seemed to always have a certain stereotype surrounding the type of people who class themselves ‘gamers’. I, myself, would call myself a gamer – and I would say I have been since I was able to steal the mouse and keyboard away from my Dad to get a few minutes of playing Diablo 2 back way in the early 2000’s. However, I feel – personally – that I don’t really fit into the stereotype that has been created within popular culture as to what a gamer is…

I’ve tried to break the stereotype (in my eyes) into four different categories:

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Misconceptions, and the Curious Case of the Gamer