Representing the Dragon

One of the worst things someone can say to me when I’m on holiday is to ask me where I’m from.

A droplet of sweat falls from my brow. A quiver of anxiety wracks my body.

I’m from Wales,¬†I think,¬†They’re just gonna ask where in England that is…

Ignoring my instinct, I’ll probably tell them that I’m from Wales in the United Kingdom.

Silence falls. I stare them dead in the eye. Time slows down, and though the only thing I can hear is the thumping of my heart in my ears I can read their lips: “Where in England is that?”

Wales is a lovely, yet tiny and a considerably underrepresented¬†country. It has given the world a wide array of poetry, music and literature (to name just some of the things we’re good at) yet I always feel as if it’s easier to just say I’m British than I’m Welsh, and this shouldn’t be the case.

In this Lyte Byte I’m going to look at Welsh representation in gaming to see how video games have done at representing Wales.

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Representing the Dragon

Mass Effect: Andromeda, and why I probably won’t be buying it

With the release of some gameplay via Origin Access of Andromeda on March 16th the internet was flooded with hustle and bustle about the new addition to the Mass Effect series.

Not directly following on as Commander Shepherd, Andromeda seems to be an attempt for Bioware to want to break away from reusing that character as the main character for a fourth instalment – something which I was excited to hear, admittedly bored of the character – preferring the Dragon Age style of creating new characters that live through a world which feels the impact of your choices in the last game, which also helped to provide some interesting RP decisions for Inquisition (having to choose between my Hawke and Alistair left me SHOOK and upset). However, following the copies that were sent out to reviewers and the general consensus following the Access release I’ve decided to not purchase Andromeda.

Okay, this might be in part because I game on a rather terrible laptop that probably won’t run the game anyway.

However, in this Lyte Byte I’m going to explore the main reason for why I’m not going to get the game.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda, and why I probably won’t be buying it