How free is ‘free-to-play’?

With the release of ‘Journey to Un’Goro‘, Blizzard’s digital CCG Hearthstone gained its ninth expansion. Hearthstone’s ‘Standard’ format means that every year certain cards from previous expansions are cycled out of the competitive meta, and put into ‘Wild’ format for players to enjoy against players playing wild decks. This system means that, as with any card game, the release of a new batch of cards comes the costs that come with trying to remain up to date and competitive with the metagame.

In this Lyte Byte I’ll be taking a bite of the free-to-play model, specifically with Hearthstone, to see if it’s a model that’s truly ‘free’.

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How free is ‘free-to-play’?

Toxic Communities

After a long 10 months, I finally broke and loaded up League of Legends to fit in a few games in an effort to kick back, kill some time and relieve some boredom.

Oh boy.

Oh boy, oh boy.

A mere two games in and I was reminded, quite harshly, as to why I quit in the first place.

Sadly, I didn’t take any screenshots but in this Lyte Byte I will do my best to recreate what happened on my fateful return to League…

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Toxic Communities