Mass Effect: Andromeda, and why I probably won’t be buying it

With the release of some gameplay via Origin Access of Andromeda on March 16th the internet was flooded with hustle and bustle about the new addition to the Mass Effect series.

Not directly following on as Commander Shepherd, Andromeda seems to be an attempt for Bioware to want to break away from reusing that character as the main character for a fourth instalment – something which I was excited to hear, admittedly bored of the character – preferring the Dragon Age style of creating new characters that live through a world which feels the impact of your choices in the last game, which also helped to provide some interesting RP decisions for Inquisition (having to choose between my Hawke and Alistair left me SHOOK and upset). However, following the copies that were sent out to reviewers and the general consensus following the Access release I’ve decided to not purchase Andromeda.

Okay, this might be in part because I game on a rather terrible laptop that probably won’t run the game anyway.

However, in this Lyte Byte I’m going to explore the main reason for why I’m not going to get the game.

Much of the talk about Andromeda seems to have surrounded its.. frankly comical animations, some of which are detailed in this article but whilst the game has drawn some criticism from these terrible examples of animation (also they removed the dang Paragon and Renegade system to conversations? Like.. how am I meant to play an evil space badass now?!), some have praised the game on the combat system and some of the graphics while playing in the higher resolutions.

However, my main issue stems from a (perhaps selfish) factor.

Of all the romance-able options, gay Ryder (the player character in Andromeda) there are two options for gay males and neither of which are actual squad mates that you can take into the fray with you.

I hate to come off as whiny, and feeling as if I’m entitled to have another Dorian from Inquisition but.. goddamn it! I was so impressed with the diversity shown in Inquisition. From the trans representation being done beautifully in Krem and the different ranges of sexualities across the cast of characters I’d assumed that the team behind Andromeda might follow suit and give us another game with a fantastic range of representation in it.

Alas, I suppose I’m going to have to wait until the next Dragon Age game to have the same form of inclusion – and Andromeda will be an RPG that I will wait until it’s on sale to pick up.. and even then, what am I going to do without a Dorian or Iron Bull to keep my Ryder warm at night?

Okay – so!

Maybe I’m coming off as entitled, do you think this is a good reason to not get a game? Should I atleast give it a chance? Are you getting Andromeda? Let me know below!




Mass Effect: Andromeda, and why I probably won’t be buying it

4 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda, and why I probably won’t be buying it

  1. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    I can’t comment on gay Ryder or Inquisition because I haven’t played that, but the removal of paragon/renegade has me excited. I like being able to play a character that isn’t necessarily black and white in terms of good and evil. I highly believe a person can have good intentions and go about them maybe a bit extreme to people who actually deserve such treatment. This time it sounds like I’ll be able to live this dream and be the hero who will make truly evil people pay for their actions.

    I’ve got my code and the games installing as we speak. A whopping 45gb!! Should be done by the time I’m home from work. I’m hoping my PC holds up and runs the game good. Kotaku did run some nice tests with several cards on ultra settings so I should be safe.

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    1. lytebytes says:

      I suppose it depends on the type of character that you want to play as, when it comes to the conversation options. You’ll have to let me know how the game plays and if it’s good when you start playing for sure!

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  2. Martin says:

    Yeah, I haven’t played these games, so I can’t really say. But steps backwards in terms of gay representation in your games is definitely not the way to get me to play your game, that’s for sure. I don’t think that’s a bad reason to skip something, personally.

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